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Jude’s 2 Year Stats

19 Sep

We had Jude’s checkup this morning! >

Budgie is 29lbs! 35.5 inches tall and his dome is 19.5 inches around! Go Babybear!

I also couldn’t resist weighing lil Ruby, who is now 10lbs 5oz, averaging 7oz a week weight gain! Woo!!!


So proud of my babies 🙂




>8 Week Update & Birth Video

25 Nov

>Original source:

First, here is a link to a slide show I made of Jude’s first & first week of life:
The Birth of Jude from Tiffany Reese on Vimeo.

Jude had his 8 week check up on Tuesday. He is now a little over 12lbs and 23inches long! He was supposed to have all of his first shots but they were out of a few of them so he got his polio shot and we will go back next week for the rest. He was very brave and only cried a teeny bit, which made Mama feel less stressed out about it. He is becoming more and more active, discovering his limbs and starting to smile more and more each day. His favorite things to do right now are to starve at lights, suck on his fists and kick one of his legs profusely. He likes to “talk” in the early morning and tell us all about what awesome dreams he had the night before. Jude is looking forward to his first Thanksgiving despite his menu only including breast milk and formula.

Oh, and for clarification Jude is NOT asking for makeup for Christmas.
Here is his list, it has been fixed:

>Jude’s Birth Story!

3 Oct

>Jude Dylan Reese was born September 29th 2009 at 6:37pm. 8lbs, 4oz 20.5 inches in length.

This is only 1.5 years over due, however I wrote it a week after he was born.

We went to the hospital at 4am on Monday September 28th to begin the eviction process of baby Jude. 10 days past my due date doctors were beginning to get concerned about Jude’s size and ability to safely venture into the world. Michael (Husbie) and I got settled in the hospital room and the nurses came in to give me an IV. Apparently, along with my inability to go into active labor, I also possess the inability to produce good veins. It took about 1.5-2 hours of poking for nurses to get my IV started and blood drawn. My arms currently look like those of a drug addict. I digress.

I was started on Cyotech with hopes to soften the cervix. 4 hours later with only minor cramping (and zero progress) we moved onto a 12 hour dose of Cervadil which only produced minor contractions and STILL, no progress. On a scale of 1 to 100 on the contraction monitors, the highest I ever reached during “labor” was 59. It was much more painful to listen to the other women in labor having their babies for 30 hours straight while staring at my cervix thinking “DO SOMETHING!!!”.

I was given penicillin through my IV every few hours for the GBS infection. I can honestly say this was the worst pain I experienced during this whole process because for some reason the penicillin would “burn” in my veins. I’ve never experience pain like that before, it hurt so bad I felt as though I was paralyzed and couldn’t move.Like you are probably thinking, “Wow this chick is dramatic…” but for reals, it was like someone was stabbing me with fireballs or something. Gnarly. i would take all the CX again ten fold compared to whatever the eff that was.

Anyways, around 1am Tuesday the doctor decided to try an additional 12 hour dose of the Cervadil with hopes of effacement. During this time my IV started to have blood in it. The nurses were pissed because we all knew how hard it was to find one good vein the first time. So from about 2-3am was spent trying to find another vein. At this time I am told I said the “F-word” to one of the nurses who was trying to rip the tape off my current IV while another was trying to put one in my other arm. I asked them to get the anesthesiologist. He came in tapped on the old IV a few times and got it working again. If you are ever in need of anesthesia or an IV at Mercy San Juan Carmichael, CA…. I highly recommend Dr. Wolf, whom I think I confessed my love to at some point in this journey.

Our OB ordered an ultra sound with hopes to confirm baby was still head down and to find out his size. The ultrasound tech estimated him around 9lbs 6 oz. After several painful internals, my cervix was still not participating and with the news of a possibly “big baby” and being 30 hours into the induction process, we decided to weigh our options. My delivery Doctor came in at about 7 or 8am to check on me, do one last horrifying internal and talked with us about all of our options. The thing he was nervous about was that Jude’s shoulders were measuring big and there was risk of permanent damage if certain nerves were to be stretched when pushing through the birth canal. Pretty much, once he said he “might have to dislocate Jude’s shoulder to get him out” was when i reached my, “Oh hell naw” breaking point. So my options were start Pitocin (the devil) to see if I got anywhere, possibly injuring my child, or schedule a Cesarean for later that day. So the Cesarean was scheduled for 6pm. After 30+ hours with zero progress, it was the right thing to do, even though it was not what we wanted, at all. I’m so thankful to this day that we listened to the Dr’s concerns, especially after what would happen next.

We were ecstatic to have a plan, I even got to eat breakfast. I have never considered myself a very patient person to begin with but waiting over 10 months for your baby is made even more torturous sitting in a hospital bed for 8 hours waiting for surgery. I remember at some point I watched My Girl (my favorite movie as a child) with my Mom and we talked about how excited we were to see Jude’s face. Nurses thought it was hilarious that I wanted to have a full face of makeup on before having the CS. They obviously didn’t know me very well. One of the highlights was having one of the Nurses come in with a Med Student to shave me. Of course they asked my permission and at that point I could have cared less. It seemed like the whole world had seen my vagina at that point anyway. I tried to joke with the Med Student that I wanted a lightening bolt but I think she was more nervous than me and only returned the joke with half a smile.

Around 4pm my nurse came in and started prepping us for surgery. Oh, and my IV started to leak, again. So a new anesthesiologist came in to see if he could find another vein. He gave me a local first. He asked me, “They have been giving you locals before attempting all these, right?” I just looked at him. Why no, sir, they have not. He yelled at the Nurses. I felt awkward. Happily awkward. He fixed the same old IV and talked with me about what was going to happen. We got dressed in some unflattering outfits and at a little after 6pm Michael and I walked down the hallway and stood outside the operating room. I remember looking at Michael a few times and saying, “I don’t know if I can do this” he kept reassuring me and reminding me we would be seeing our baby in no time.

Dr. P came out into the hallway and asked me to come into the  surgical room, but for Michael to wait in the hallway until they were 100% ready. Each step I took away from Michael and towards to operating room felt like unexplainable torture. I walked into the bright room which was filled with people in scrubs, a terrifying work bench filled with silver tools and a large black and white clock. You would think they could throw a picture of a puppy or something up on the wall for good merit?

The anesthesiologist and nurse positioned me in the middle of the table, leaning as far forward as possible with my chin to my chest,  he searched for a spot to insert the needle for my spinal. First he gave me a local and then in no time I felt a twinge of nerve pain and he said, “Alrighty”. Instantly my left leg went numb, they were trying to position me on the table and get me to scoot down the table…. which was interesting with only feeling in one side of your body. I could feel the spinal kicking in, which felt so foreign because I couldn’t feel myself breathing. I was numb from the breasts down, I kept telling the nurse I wasn’t breathing. Then I felt the morphine start to kick in and felt a lot more relaxed. I had a terrible itching reaction to the morphine though which is unfortunate when your arms are strapped down to a table.

The nurse and anesthesiologist held my hands and tried to make small talk with me. A bunch more people in scrubs came in and then there was a curtain put up between my chest and the rest of my body so I couldn’t see anything or anyone. I heard the Doctors making small talk about golf and how busy the hospital had been this week. I started to feel pressure and I knew the Doctor had started cutting. I looked around and screamed, “Where is my husband! I want my husband!” The nurse said “Oh, ya” and went and got him right away. Nice one, douche.

Michael walked in and looked at me with the most serious face I had ever seen. He came to stand by my left side and held my hand and brushed hair out of my face. During this time I felt as though my entire body was being rocked back and forth. Jude’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and he was not coming out. They had to use a vacuum to finally get him out (this was all told to me later). After a few more minutes Michael told me, “He’s almost out! He’s almost here” I asked, “Does he have hair!?” he told me he wasn’t sure. I heard the OB declare a time and the cutest baby cry in the world. Dr P said, “It’s a beautiful healthy boy, you now have a son.” They brought Jude right away to a baby heater about 6 feet to my left where they did his APGAR testing. Michael rushed over and was taking pictures and yelled over to me, “He’s perfect! He’s perfect!!” I was crying so hard and trying to squint to see at the same time. Michael walked over to me after a few moments. I told him, “It’s okay, you can go over there and look at him.” he told me “But I loved you first”.

After the testing was done I don’t really remember what happened. I kind of blacked out for a few moments. I know Michael brought the baby over to me and a nurse took a few pictures of us. Everything was blurry. I remember coming around in a recovery room and a nurse was taking my vitals. I could hear Michael and our family in the hallway looking at Jude and taking pictures. There was a mix up and someone told Michael he couldn’t go into the recovery room and he didn’t know where I was. I started bawling begging the nurse to make them bring the baby in the room because I hadn’t seen him yet. I remember having to ask her multiple times. Not cool, man.

Finally, after what felt like eternity, Michael came in with Jude and I got to see him up close. It was the single best feeling I’ve ever felt. Any amount of stress or worry that was left in my body melted away and I felt at complete peace. I never believed in love at first sight until then. My heart felt like it grew 3 sizes watching the love of my life hold our child. It is truly one of those moments in life where you feel like you are floating. We are truly so blessed beyond words. Jude is amazing my love for him grows with every second.

>Update! Appointment 41 Weeks!

26 Sep

>Original source:

So many of you have already been updated hopefully but I wanted to put this on here for anyone we may have missed.

Friday we had a 41 week appointment with Dr. Kamris who is my L&D doctor. I had an internal and was still not progressing. I have pretty much been about the same since 36 weeks (in terms of dilating). So he recommended a Non Stress Test at the hospital this morning and we set up a date and time for an induction on Monday at 4AM, if Jude doesn’t come on his own. The time seems random but that’s just how they do things, especially because the hospital is really busy. The 4AM time is not set in stone, we have to call around 2AM to confirm there is a bed available for me to come in to.

We went to the hospital (Mercy San Juan) bright and early this morning and the NST which went great. Jude is apparently more than happy in there. All the nurses were super nice and they talked with me a little about what the induction will probably go like on Monday. First I will have to start with an IV and fluids and an IV of antibiotics because I am Group B Strep positive ( I will mostly likely be started on Cytotec to help my cervix along. Then it will depend how I progress whether or not they will break my water or start me on Pitocin (the devil).

Both the nurse and the doctor told me to expect for it to take a long time for the induction. Sure, things can change but I respect them for being honest.

Before leaving the hospital this morning we had to wait for the OB on duty to check over us and make sure we were good to go. We heard some gnarly horror movie screams from down the hall. The Doctor delivered 3 babies while we were waiting. He came in very casually and shook my hand and said everything looks great and if they had room in the inn, he would induce me today. I told him I understand and that he sounds very popular. He told me there are such things as being too popular. We agreed.

Thank you again everyone for your thoughts, love and prayers. It is so much appreciated!

If you are interested in visiting the hospital after the baby is born, please direct all inquirys to Michael. I am requesting no visitors during Labor and delivery (aside from Michael and my Mama) for my own personal reasons and comfort levels. Michael will be updating everyone via text and Facebook. I appreciate your respect in this decision.

Please remember that if you have been sick in the last week, or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick we would appreciate if you would celebrate with us from afar for now. With all the different flu’s/colds going around the hospital has a very strict policy and little Jude is at a very high risk when exposed to those kinds of germs.

So…only 36 hours to go to start this thing 🙂

>Update! Appointment: 40 Weeks!

21 Sep

>First I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers. It means a lot to have all the encouragement Michael, Jude & I have been given over the past week (and past 283 days).

Had a checkup this morning. My cervix is completely effaced (ready to go) and I am slightly more dilated than I was last week. So basically, like we knew before, I could have Jude at any time it just depends when he wants to come.

We have an appointment with my delivery OB on Friday(9/25), so if I have not had Jude by then he will check me and we will decide to either induce me and have Jude Friday or wait to see if I go naturally over the weekend and have Jude Monday(9/28).

Of course, we are hoping to have him in the next few days, but I feel better having a “back up plan” should things not go the way we want.

>Appointment: 39 Weeks

14 Sep

>We went for my 39 week check up this morning. Had another internal, still at 1cm and not effacing. The only thing she really had to say was he was still head down and “really likes it in there”. Joy. I have an appointment next Monday the 21st and if he isn’t out by then they will schedule me to meet with my L&D delivery doctor to possibly induce/schedule induction on the 25th. My OB says they will not let me go past 42 weeks, so the latest I would be induced is October 2nd. The possibility of having an October baby blows my mind. I know it’s not the end of the world, and I am grateful for a big, healthy full term baby but I am hoping and praying to not have to be induced.

My blood pressure and Jude’s heartbeat are perfect and I am still feeling tons of movement so there is no reason to be concerned at this point.

I have been walking like CRAZY. Saturday I walked for 3+ hours and have been walking about 45 mins-2 hours a day for at least 1.5 weeks. My OB says to keep doing this and hopefully it will help speed things up.

Thoughts & prayers for a baby in the next week are appreciated!


9 Sep

>We are quickly approaching 39 weeks! (Insert oh-my-goodness face here)

We had a checkup on Tuesday and I had another internal exam. Looks like I am about the same 1cm dilated. My OB says not to worry, I haven’t gone backwards and it doesn’t mean I can’t go into labor at any moment either way. Heartbeat, growth and blood pressure all right on track so that is wonderful. My next appointment is Monday September 14th, but my Doctor says she will forgive me if I don’t make it 🙂

For those who may be wondering what happens if I go past my due date: I would meet with my L&D OB and we would do a NST (Non-Stress Test) on Jude and make sure he is happy in there and getting all the things he still needs. If for some reason they feel like he should come out at that point, we would most likely plan an induction (breaking of waters, Pitocin) within the week. If he is happy and content, then I would just try natural induction methods and wait for him to make up his mind. Hopefully I will go into labor naturally and none of that will be necessary.

Tuesday we also graduated from our Lamaze class. We learned about postpartum care, which Michael and I agreed seemed like the scariest part of the whole class. We learned a lot through the classes and felt very fortunate to be able to attend them.

We are getting very anxious to meet Jude. I keep trying to remind myself that God’s timing has always been much better than my own. Almost everytime Michael calls me he starts with “Did your water break yet?”. I believe this is partly because he is so excited and partly because he wants to leave work early most days. 🙂

It get’s really hard in the last few weeks of pregnancy to be patient.I feel, for myself, this way mostly because I am very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain at night when trying to sleep. In the end, it is all worth it of course but it is still challenging. I have been trying to stay busy and active, walking as much as possible without over doing it. Most days consist of daydreaming about meeting Jude and getting to wear normal clothes again.

Don’t forget to place your guesses for when you think Jude will be born!

>38 Weeks!

5 Sep

>Well, here we are, 38 weeks in to this little adventure. We had a Doctors appointment on Monday, all is well. It was a very basic checkup just to make sure all is going well.

Tuesday we had Lamaze. We have been learning about breathing, preparing for laboring at home(before going into L&D), medications, medical interventions, etc. All good stuff to know to help us feel more comfortable with preparing for the experience.

Our bags are packed and the car seat is safely secured! He will come when he is ready and we are enjoying our last few days just the two of us. Looking forward to spending some time with my older brother Tony and his girlfriend Stacy who are up visiting this weekend.

>37 Weeks

27 Aug

>Well, tomorrow at least I will be 37 weeks. Aka “Full Term” I can’t believe it. Wow.

This week we had a Doctors visit, Lamaze and a breastfeeding class yesterday. I am starting to get information overload. I am really happy for all the information available and I know it will be helpful when Jude finally decides to grace us.

Even though I still have time to go (so they say), I wanted to take time to say thank you to everyone for their love and encouragement through this pregnancy. From my wonderful baby shower to the calls and e-mails asking how I am feeling, everything has meant so much to us.

I can’t say thank you enough to my Mama and Everitt for all their unconditional love, support and positive affirmation. You guys are our biggest cheerleaders and constantly help me to feel at ease, even when things have been tough.

All of my friends (near and far) have been so supportive and loving, I am often overwhelmed by the love and excitement for Jude’s arrival. Thank you for all the positive vibes!

Of course, I have to be thankful for the best Husband a wife could ever imagine. I look most forward to seeing the man I love and admire hold our child more than anything. I often wonder how I got so lucky to marry someone so amazing. I can’t wait to share the rest of our lives, and Jude’s life, together with my best friend.

36 weeks, 3 days 🙂

>Quick Update:

24 Aug

>I had my 36 week appointment today. Blood pressure & heartbeat right on track! Today was my first internal (ouch) and I am 1cm dilated and my cervix is already beginning to soften. I will be full term on Friday, only time will tell from there when Jude will grace us! Lamaze tomorrow!!!