Dear Jude, {Happy 2nd Birthday Budgie!}

29 Sep

Dear Jude,

I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote your last birthday letter. But you have changed and developed so much, maybe it seems possible. (I have a feeling most of my letters will start with this thought.) Not to mention you have a 3 month old sister now, who has already figured out you are the coolest person alive. Since your last birthday, you have begun walking, talking, running, jumping, etc. Basically, you have become the worlds most energetic person. People often ask your Daddy and I “Is he like this all the time?!”. (Yes, America…yes he is.) We wouldn’t have it any other way because life with you is so much fun! There is never a dull moment.

A favorite part of my day is hearing you wake up over your baby monitor. You have been in your big-boy-bed for several months now and trust me when I say you enjoy all the liberties it brings you. In the morning (about 7 am) we hear you rolling around. Wait, I need to first explain that you REFUSE to sleep in your actual bed. You only wish to sleep on the ground, preferably near the right window and air vent. You are a freak and we love you for that. So, we hear you mumbling to your cutie little self and making adorable stretching noises for about 30 seconds, until I suppose you realize that you are awake. Then, in the happiest, loudest, most excited little Jude voice you start yelling, “HI! HI! HI! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” so that Daddy will know to come and get you, change your diaper (hopefully you will be done with those by your next letter) and bring you into our bed where Ruby and I are waiting. You SLAM open the bedroom door and run to your sister, at which point you kiss her toes and face about 3-5 times (depending on the amount of sleeping you’ve had) and you make the sweetest “MUUUU-AHHHHHH!” noise. Daddy and I always “Awww!” and then try to get you to give us kisses too. Sometimes you will give kisses but most of the time you’ve already spotted a glass of water to stick your hand in or an electrical chord to try and chew on.

Your whole life is a search and destroy mission. You go from one mess to another. This drives me insane but in my defense, it even drives your sloppy Father crazy. It can be entertaining sometimes, when I’m not so worried about the mess having to be cleaned up right away. The first part of this last year was spent greatly enjoying watching you learn to walk/run. Until we figured out we would also be forced to run after you. Once you started walking, all hope of keeping you from your search and destroy mission was lost. You win.

You still love music and dancing just as much as your first year of life, if not more. We love to have dance parties, you seem to be the most into pop & rap music. I’m most likely to blame for your terrible taste. I try to imagine the future and wonder if you will play in a band like Daddy or take dance lessons like I used to do. But you are only turning 2 and that is enough heartbreak a Mother can take today.

You are obsessed with water! You love the bath, shower, pool, lake, pond, puddle, glass…anything filled with water, you’re stoked. We enjoy taking you to the Splash Park when its hot to watch you splash your crazy little hands in all the sprayers and run in circles around the other children (who are often also asking us “Is he like this all the time?” Yes. Yes, children of America.).

We have shared countless fun adventures with you over the past year! DISNEYLAND, your first pony ride at Apple Hill, admiring the animals at Folsom Zoo, spinning in the teacups at the Carnival, the birth of your cousin T2, Ruby’s baby shower, the birth of your baby sister and making music videos at Zeum  just to name a few.

You have such a vast imagination now. I love watching you play with your cars (you are OBSESSED) and see you “driving” them all over the living room, making “Vrooooooom” sounds. You tend to fixate on really strange things to play with aside cars too, such as paper, Tupperware, toothbrushes, clothing, plastic bottles, etc.

Something you don’t like so much? Eating. Unless it involves Chicken Nuggets or anything to do with sugar. For about the first 6 months you were eating “real” food, you would eat just about anything we gave you. Now? No. You are very particular. You seem to think you are the boss and have no problem making your opinion and emotions known. Which is exactly like me, so I can’t really blame you. Also similar to Dada, you like to laugh and try to make jokes when you are in trouble. It infuriates me because it is rude, but secretly I kind of like it.

When your sister was born, Daddy brought her out of the delivery room to the hallway where you were waiting to meet her with all of our family. You yelled out, “SIS!” and as he brought her closer to you, you swatted towards her. You didn’t hit her thankfully, but you seemed like you wanted to. We were so worried you would hate her and us, forever. Annnnnnd you pretty much did for a good month or so. I quickly discovered though, that it wasn’t her you didn’t like, because you love her so unconditionally… was us.  After a bit of convincing I think you realized that we still love you just as much as before Ruby was born, if not more.  You are such a loving big brother and I can’t wait to watch your relationship develop over the years. You are always trying to help me soothe or feed her your snacks (which you still don’t understand why she can’t eat chicken nuggets like you do).

Other likes include: Itsy Bitsy Spider, counting to ten with Mama, barking like a dog and meowing like a kitty, eating doughnut holes, watching Shrek & Cars, playing outside, playing at the play area at the mall, going to the park, watching the slideshows I make for you, hiding things that are important, saying “Hi!”, waving and blowing kisses, brushing your teeth, plugging your ears, jumping up and down, messing up piles of laundry, sitting uncomfortably close to the TV, banging your hands on the computer, stealing our cell phones, sneaking things off the kitchen table, swinging, making Dinosaur noises, trying to break my breastpump, Mama’s singing, stomping, rice-crispy treats, closing/opening doors, pushing any kind of buttons, things that light up, chewing on books, trying to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom with your eyes closed and running into the refrigerator, throwing your food everywhere, popcorn, balloons, tickling, Mama, Dada, playing with Ruby, etc.

Other dislikes include (but not limited to): nap time, bed time, eating, being told no, sleeping in bed, being told to do anything that isn’t your idea, anything that isn’t your idea, vacuums, silence, clean houses, grocery stores, the Doctor’s office, etc.

In two years you have learned a lot, but you have taught me so much more. Your excitement for life sparks joy in my heart every day. I can get so caught up in stupid little details, but then you come along and remind me how exciting and fun just playing with a balloon or dancing to a terrible pop song can be. Your smile makes my chest feel like its going to explode with joy. Your laughter is one of the best sounds in the world. You are so adorable I can’t help but kiss and squeeze you. I’m lucky to get to be your Mom. The love we have for you is truly indescribable. Thank you for making our lives so amazing.

Happy 2nd Birthday darling boy.




One Response to “Dear Jude, {Happy 2nd Birthday Budgie!}”

  1. Maggie September 29, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    I love the way you write – this made me cry. You are seriously such a wonderful mama 🙂 ❤

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