Life as we know it.

3 Sep

Things have been going pretty great around here. Both children are happy  (healthy) and Jude seems to hate us much less now than the first month Ruby was born. Ruby is tiny, precious and such a good girl. She loves Mama and loves nursing even more. She is totally one of those babies that wants to be held 24/7. Thankfully she is my second child, so I’m now smart enough to realize this is more a blessing than a curse and try to enjoy every second of baby snuggles I can. In a flash I’m sure she will be following Jude around, throwing tantrums and punching us in the face. Okay maybe not that last part. If we are lucky.

I think one of the unexpected trials of Motherhood is the stress it brings to all the OTHER areas of your life. Your body, marriage, friendships and work suddenly take a blow and learning how to balance that part of life properly is a science I’m still experimenting with. I mean, Ruby is still tiny… most of my days consist of trying to fit in time to take a dump, shower or (God-willing) both. So I’ve had to learn to take it pretty easy on myself when it comes to my expectations. I’m learning its okay to be a boring, tired wife for now. That my house will not be like this forever. That the weight isn’t going to come off overnight. Work will come again and I’m sure all I will do is wish to go back to the days I’m living now.

Jude is turning 2 on the 29th of this month. It makes me want to cry when I think about it. I keep trying to force him into bear hugs all day long, its really cramping his independent style. He is coming out of his crazy-coma a little and starting to get back to his old, sweet (yet still psychotic) ways. I don’t know what I would do without that little boy’s smile every morning. Right now he is really into, “HIIIIIIIIII!”. He smiles at me with an admiration that is indescribable. The kids bring us a happiness unlike any other. He just adores his sister. I used to think he liked giving her kisses because every time he would be praised with an “Awww!” but we have caught him tip toeing up to her in the bouncy chair when he thinks we are not looking to kiss her toes.

Photo by the talented Priscilla Newton.

Obsessed with sand.

9 weeks.

10 weeks.


One Response to “Life as we know it.”

  1. Robbie September 4, 2011 at 8:28 am #

    You have so much wisdom for such a young mommy. They are so lucky to have a mom with such awareness<3 You have a very precious family:)

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