Skinniest City in the US

12 Aug

Great news everyone! This fat ass is living in the


I couldn’t make this up if I tried, people.

Which seems kind of ironic considering Roseville, CA

is also home to 2, 279 restaurants.

One of which my husband is a chef at, does that give me any kind of excuse? No? Oh, fine.

So, about 15 months ago I wrote this life-changing blog (anonymously) about my life-long struggle with weight issues.

I am happy to report that the next day, this girl began working out and eating well. In fact, before getting pregnant with Ruby, I lost about 65lbs!!! I have gained back about 15lbs in the last 10 months. BUT I am ready to re-start my weight-loss journey and get back to eating well and working out (received clearance from my Dr on Monday). I have been pregnant 20 months out of the last 3 years and I am ready to get back to feeling good. This May some very dear friends of ours are having a wedding that Michael & I are honored to be in it, I would like to stand up in front of everyone with confidence!

So…who is with me?


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