Ruby is 7 Weeks Young!

11 Aug

7 weeks along and she already seems to sleep better than her brother. It’s so interesting how different these two are already. Jude was wide awake from the get go, independent, wiggly and hyper! Ruby seems so sweet, calm and cuddly. Since we are pretty sure we won’t be having anymore children, it’s amazing having a tiny little cuddlebug. It does make me emotional to think this will be the last squishy teeny baby we will ever have! So I’m trying to focus on all the special moments we get to share. She has been sleeping from about 9-10 until 3-4 and then eats for about 30ish minutes then back to sleep until 7, eats again and then sleeps until 9. I’m not sure if it will last, but I will take it! Jude is doing so much better adjusting to his sibling. He just loves giving Ruby kisses, bringing her paci, patting her head and trying to share his snacks with her. Every morning Michael gets up, changes Jude’s diaper and brings him into our bed. Jude comes in with a loud, “Hiiiii!” and runs over to give sissy big kisses with a loud, “Muuuahhhhh!”. It’s the best way to start your day, I highly recommend it.



One Response to “Ruby is 7 Weeks Young!”

  1. Saz August 11, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    I’m glad we both got chill baby 2s! I can’t believe they are already 7 weeks. I loveeeeee Ruby’s bow!

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