Ruby’s Two Week Checkup

11 Jul

This morning was Ruby’s “Two Week” checkup at the Pediatrician (even though she is 2 weeks, 4 days).

The Pediatrician said she looked great and all of her jaundice was completely gone!! She weighed 7lbs & 6oz (up 3oz from last week) and was 21 inches long! I was pretty discouraged she hadn’t gotten back up to her birth weight yet (7lbs & 11oz). We will be taking her again next Monday to be weighed again and track her progress. That is another thing that is much different about exclusively breastfeeding, I second guess myself constantly. I worry she isn’t eating enough or that I am doing something wrong. I keep trying to remind myself “any weight gain is good” and she has “lots of wet diapers”. The Doctor didn’t seem concerned and was very encouraging which made us feel somewhat relieved. All in all she is happy and cute as can be and LOVES to cuddle, we just adore her!! Jude has been so into giving her kisses today and patting her head, totally kills me with cuteness.

Here are some more photos of our little ladybug (taken at Target) 🙂


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