Jude: 21 Months

5 Jul

Jude is growing and changing every moment! For instance, he is such a ham…he loves to dance, play peek-a-boo and pound it. That is correct, our son “pounds it”. Not only does he love to give knuckles to Mama & Dada, but if he is proud of himself for something he has accomplished, he pounds both of his fists together to congratulate himself. One of his other newest obsessions is to close his eyes tight and walk backwards into people. He thinks this is the funniest thing on the planet. Jude’s addiction to playing with cars has become almost an exclusive pass time when we are in doors. He loves to make “vroooooom” noises and smash his cars into each other. Such a boy. I love watching him grow, change and develop his personality. He certainly has his own opinions, which he will make known at ALL times. Right now all words have pretty much taken a backseat to “NO!” which he says 24/7, even when he means yes. Some days I feel like I am 1 “NO!!!!” away from punching myself in the face. BUT I choose to mock and ignore him instead. This too shall pass. I mean honestly, I was such a pain in the ass overly opinionated child, I’m sure its karma.

Having his new little sister around has definitely been a challenge. He is much more cranky and tantrum-y since she has arrived. It is getting better every day though. Luckily, he seems to love Ruby and just hate us, which I prefer. He has been trying to be helpful with sissy here and there. The other day I was burping Ruby and he asked to sit on my lap, I let him climb up and he started patting her on the back to assist me in burping her. He gives her kisses too, which we were luck to catch on video the second time he did it. It melted my heart instantly.


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