38 Weeks: Panic, a Trip to L&D and a Bright Orange Jug of Pee.

21 Jun

So, let me start by saying camping was really fun! I will have to share pictures from our adventure another time, but it was a blast and now more than ever I am really glad we were able to do something so fun as a family (with The amazing Greeley family) more than ever.

We got home yesterday around 2pm and I took a shower and got ready to go in for my 38 week checkup. I was having anxiety on my way to my appointment because I had a feeling something was not right with my body since Friday, but I was trying to ignore it for two reasons 1. I really wanted to go camping and let Michael have a fun Father’s Day 2. I knew I had my appointment Monday and I didn’t want to be “over dramatic” and call in to Labor & Delivery. Stupid.

So throughout the weekend I had become extremely swollen, had headaches on and off, started having trouble responding to things normally, my vision kept becoming blurry on and off and when I would stand for long periods of time, I started seeing black spots. I know, I’m a moron.

So, when I got to my appointment and saw that I had gained ELEVEN POUNDS in a week (obviously, a ton of fluid from swelling) I started panicking even more. I knew this was a big indicator of Preeclampsia (also called Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) and started instantly feeling more concerned. The nurse frowned and took me into a room to take my blood pressure. She took it three times. I asked, “Its high, isn’t it?” she nodded and said I needed to go into a different room so that my Doctor could give me an internal today as well. I hadn’t been planning on having any until necessary, but I felt like I should gather as much information as possible at this point.

So after what felt like forever, my Doctor came in and she and I went over all of my symptoms. She did my internal exam and said that baby was still extremely high and I am not dilated or effaced at all. Basically the same thing I was told over and over with Jude, the reason I wanted to avoid internals with this pregnancy all together. The disappointment and feeling like you are unable to do what comes to other people so naturally.

So, my Doctor said I am showing almost all of the signs for PIH except I did not show any protein in my urine this visit (I have in the past few visits). She wanted me to go straight to the hospital and have baby monitored, have an Ultrasound and do some blood work. She said one of three things would happen after they gather my information; I would be induced, have a repeat c-section or be sent home to rest.

I gathered my things and quickly made my way to the car. I called my Mom & Everitt and had them come straight to the hospital, so Michael could go stay with me in Labor & Delivery and they could watch Jude. I really started freaking out at this point. Stupidity, I hadn’t packed any kind of hospital bag yet or any kind of bag for the baby. My house isn’t clean. I was just not feeling ready to have this baby.

We finally got to the hospital and monitoring, ultrasound and blood work were taken fairly quickly. The ultrasound estimated Ruby’s current size at 9lbs 5oz. I talked with the tech about how accurate the ultrasounds can actually be and she said they are only an estimate and can be off my up to 1lb and 5oz in either direction, so basically what the ultrasound actually tells the doctor that Ruby is a minimum of 8lbs and a maximum of 10lbs, 11oz. Quite a wide range, obviously.

Possibly the worst photo of me, ever.

After a lot more waiting around, the on-call Doctor looked over my tests and said that my lab work came back clear!! Which means if I am in the beginning stages of PIH, it is not damaging my liver, body or the baby at this point. It also could mean this is just a freak string of symptoms and coincidence and I may not end up with the PIH at all! SO THANFULLY, we were sent home. I got to take home this beautiful orange jug to collect my pee in all day today that we have to take back to the hospital tomorrow morning. The reason for this is to see how much (if any) protein I pass in my urine in a 24 hour period of time. This is the main indicator of PIH and will be able to tell my Doctor what steps need to be taken next. ‘

I am also on “modified bed-rest”, which I don’t know what that is supposed to mean when you have a toddler….but basically they said do NOT go out in the sun, do not clean, stay on the couch with your feet up as much as you possibly can. Today is supposed to reach 103, so ya, I’m fine with staying inside, but not cleaning? Are you kidding me? This is like torture to me. Michael is been helping as much as he can. He had to go into work today, so I am trying to keep Jude as busy as possible. I brought basically every toy he loves out into the living room and dumped it all over the floor.

Tomorrow Michael closes, so he will be home during the day until about 3-4pm so he can take Budgie out to play and run around for me.

So, that is where we are at right now. We will have to wait and see what the tests have to say until tomorrow afternoon and hopefully I will meet with my Doctor first thing Thursday. Thank you to everyone who has sent their thoughts, prayers and support. We really appreciate it. Please excuse my lack of proper grammar and poor writing skills, I am really tired and the screen is too blurry to care about things like that right now 🙂


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