37 Weeks

13 Jun

Well, today makes 37 weeks and 3 days. I had my weekly checkup this morning and it was pretty uneventful. My blood pressure was great and Ruby’s heartbeat was strong. My Dr and I went over the Ultrasound results from last week and she said everything looked great, baby is confirmed head-down and her “size” isn’t anything to be concerned about. I feel really comfortable with my Dr this time around, especially since she has been so encouraging about me wanting to VBAC and keeps telling me how great she thinks I will do. We have not done any internal exams yet and if I would have been offered one, I would have said no anyways. It messed with my head way to much the first time and made me much more disappointed as time continued to pass my “due date” with Jude. I just want to try and channel as much peace and calm as I can going into this delivery, in hopes it will help me to successfully achieve my goals this time around.

I remember at this point in my pregnancy with Jude really getting excited about finally being “full term”. While I am excited the “time” is drawing closer… I REALLY don’t expect baby to come any earlier than her due date (if not later) based on my previous experience. Sure, there is always a chance that it could happen, but I really just want to enjoy the time left of “just us three” while the weather is nice. I have a feeling much of July will be spent indoors: changing lots of tiny diapers, breastfeeding, exhausted and attempting to keep Jude happy/busy. We are blessed to have family and friends nearby and that eases my anxiety a little bit about how I will be able to juggle this new transition at first. I need to try to have more confidence in my abilities as a mother and focus on the joy of what is to come, not the stress. I mean, we are only weeks away from meeting our daughter. Jude’s sister. It still feels so unreal and so foreign to think about life with a daughter around. So I hope to continue to put my worries aside and really allow myself to take it all in, all the excitement and love that is to come.


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