36 Weeks

7 Jun

Yesterday was a busy day for Miss Ruby. We had 2 appointments, our regular checkup and a sizing Ultrasound. Our weekly checkup went great, blood pressure was even lower than last week and Ruby’s heartbeat was extra strong sounding. I did have some protein in my urine again, but not enough to be concerning. I had a GBS test (joy) and I talked more with my Doctor about my ability to VBAC. I was happy to hear that she is still 110% supportive and thinks it is definitley still possible for me, even if Ruby does turn out to be “big”. So I was very happy to hear all sorts of good news. Plus, Michael was able to come with me this time, so it made it extra special.

Later in the afternoon we went to our Ultrasound appointment. The tech said she looks “big and healthy” estimating her size currently at 7.5lbs and said if I give birth to her around 40-41 weeks her guess would be 9-10lbs for her. She said she had a fat belly and long legs (her legs were measuring 41 weeks!). She informed us often times your 2nd baby is bigger than your first, but that is also different for everyone. Of course they are usually off and can be by up to a pound in either direction. I remember when I was pregnant with Jude, they had estimated him about 9.5lbs and he was 8lbs 4oz. I have known people who have been told their baby was bigger and also smaller than they turned out to be and some who said they were totally right on! So, who knows. She will come when she is ready and I’m confident she will be just as big (or small) as she is supposed to be!!  Most people have assumed that I am somehow bothered by the fact she might be “big” but I’m not, I’m so excited! I will be excited no matter size she is of course but I really like fat babies 🙂

She sure does feel big these days! I am noticeably getting rounder and rounder. I feel sweaty 99% of the time and tired about 67% of the time but I am in no hurry for her to arrive. If I COULD pick, I’d like to wait until July 1st. I had no idea when we picked her name, but if she is born in July, her birthstone would be a Ruby!! How cute is that?!

Speaking of cute…


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