Jude & His Baby Doll {32 Weeks}

9 May

Today I had another Doctors appointment, its hard to believe we have less than 8 weeks to go until our estimated due date! The appointment went well, heartbeat was nice and strong, Ruby is measuring great and I’ve been having tons more movement.

Ruby’s heartbeat (sorry for the talking in the background):

Later this evening we also had our hospital tour. We did one before when I was pregnant with Jude but we figured we might as well do another. I’m actually glad we did because there was a lot of things I didn’t remember. It was funny though because every single one of the things the tour guide would say, “Well _______ rarely happens” or “____ is usually a rarely an issue” was  exactly what we went through with having Jude. It kind of made me laugh. So maybe this time around she will be right and we won’t have to deal with those things (C-Section, terrible roommate, etc.)!

Thankfully Michael’s Dad and Mom (aka Papa & Lita) were able to watch Jude for us so Michael could go with me to the appointment and tour. We had some time in between so we went to Target to get a few things. We decided to buy Jude his first baby doll, as it was recommended to us by lots of people to help get him adjusted to the idea of “baby”. I was very nervous and excited to give it to him when we finally got home this evening. I was sort of expecting him to rip the baby’s head off and try and burn its body.

Instead, this happened:

(Personally, my favorite part is 1:09)

It seriously made my heart sooo happy. It stinks its so dark but I’m really happy I recorded this moment.


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