Officially the most spoiled Mama EVER!

8 May

Holy Crap. My Mother’s Day kicks all other days asses.

No, for real.

Saturday, Michael made breakfast for his Mama (aka Lita) and I. It was delicious! AND Lita was nice enough to get me more cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake. Which, if you haven’t been there before? Well, I just feel sorry for you.


Today, I was woken up with another delicious breakfast. McDonald’s breakfast, which is quickly becoming a holiday trend in our house, that I thoroughly approve of.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, I was given these beautiful flowers (that seriously smell like HEAVEN).

Both Michael and Jude gave me awesome cards too. Look how talented Jude is!

I couldn’t stop smiling if I tried and I had only been awake 10 minutes.

Michael had to work breakfast shift, so he said I had to wait for the rest of my presents BUT Jude got to give me his.

He got a giant print done for our (Ung Drill) Ikea frame that has been empty for literally a year (we moved into our house last Mother’s Day).



So. EXCITED. I can’t believe I stared at that thing for over a year and never took action to get something printed. Well, now I feel complete inside.

So off to work Michael went. Jude took a nap and I got ready for the day.


Michael returned home and reminded me I had MORE presents to open. I was already feeling like the most spoiled Mama/wife in the Universe!

Then, he showed me this:

He has been staying up late the last week or so and I had totally been riding on him about it. Saying, “You wouldn’t be so tired if you didn’t stay up all night silly!!” Well, now I feel like an ass because he had been staying up making THAT for me. I started crying 3 seconds in and didn’t stop the whole time. I think we have a new video pro in our family. I love, love, love this and will probably watch it a million more times.

And then…when I thought I honestly couldn’t feel anymore spoiled?

Are you ready for the cutest thing in the world?

Michael has been studying (no, like seriously…taking notes…) how to give a proper spa pedicure online!! He even watched youtube tutorials to be sure he would know what he was doing. So he went outand bought all the stuff to give me a proper pedicure, including new nail polish. He also MADE HIS OWN FOOT SCRUB. I know, I know. Seriously.

I hit the jackpot when I married this guy.

I’m totally not just saying this to boost his ego, but it was truly the most relaxing and best feeling pedicure I’ve ever had in my life!!! He could go into business. Only I don’t want him touching anyone but me.

At this point… I’m full on in a this-is-the-best-day-ever comma. We hang out for a bit and begin to prepare dinner, my Mom’s world famous “Chicken Dish”. As long as I’ve been alive my Mom has made “Chicken Dish” and yes that is the official name. I don’t know how to describe how amazing it is, but basically it would be my last supper if I was able to choose. So, I was pretty excited about this.

My Mom and Everitt came over for dinner and I was spoiled (once again).

Sooo sweet and thoughtful. The balloons also double as entertainment for Jude for a minimum of a week. The kid loves himself some balloons.

The eating of the Chicken Dish commenced, we all stuffed ourselves. We had no choice but to watch a movie, so we put on Cars for Jude (even though Everitt was just as excited to watch it). After awhile we had to eat the cake my Mom had brought- this ridiculous chocolate mouse cake with strawberries on top. It is safe to say was Jude’s favorite part of the day.

Man, he is cute.

I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day. Thank you to everyone who sent me thoughtful messages and texts!!! Its such a touching feeling to have people recognize you as a Mother. I’m so lucky to be Jude’s (and Ruby’s) Mom that a day to celebrate it really seems unnecessary but hey, if it means days like today, I’ll take it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lucky women in the world!


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