Oh, Bunny.

18 Apr

Since it was a bit rainy today, we decided to take Jude to the Galleria Mall to run around at the indoor play-park. Last minute I remembered the Easter Bunny was there, so we decided to put Jude in a cute outfit and give it a shot.

When we arrived, there were only a few people, so we jumped right in line. As soon as we did, Jude instantly started screaming and freaking out because he wanted to get to the Easter Bunny. We were trying to explain to him he needed to wait his turn and of course he didn’t understand/care and continued to scream as Michael held him from running into the photo area.

Two Moms behind me kept rolling their eyes and staring at me like we were the worst parents ever. Luckily, the woman that was working there was really nice and just kept laughing with me as Jude got louder. We figured he would be fine as soon as it was his turn, since it seemed like the only reason he was freaking (the eff out) was because he wanted to see the Bunny.

Finally, it was our turn. Michael let the hound loose and Jude ran right up to the Easter Bunny with happiness. We put him on his lap and as soon as that happened, Jude started FREAKING OUT. The poor photography girl was trying to calm him down and get his attention and then IT happened… Jude punched the Easter Bunny in the face. I was horrified. I guess Michael didn’t see this happen, but I don’t even think he was able to focus on what was happening because he was too busy sweating with embarrassment. I went up to grab Jude from the Bunny and said, “I am so sorry!!!” The Easter Bunny said under her breath, “Ya.” I kind of wanted to die.

So, (humiliated) we went over to the play area and let Jude run around for an hour and then filled him with popcorn. He seemed much calmer, so I begged Michael to go back so we could try again. I think he thought I was insane for even suggesting it, but he went along with it anyhow. So, we got back in line, listened to a couple of 13 year olds try to witness to people in the Easter Bunny line and waited our turn again.

This time Jude was VERY excited to see the Easter Bunny. He was laughing, giggling and clapping his hands.

Oh, the difference an hour can make.

I hope the Easter Bunny is paid appropriately.


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