Janie and Jack(ed) Up.

17 Apr

Seriously, its not cool man. I try to avoid Janie and Jack every time I find myself at the mall. Yet, I start walking by and an adorable little dress catches my eye and I go in. I lie to myself each time, “Maybe they will have 75% off clearance today!!”  They don’t. In fact, even most of their items on the clearance rack are more expensive than I would ever consider spending on children’s clothing. Still, I can’t seem to help my pregnant-with-a-girl-self and skip in, only to leave 5 minutes later, completely depressed. The quality of their clothing is admirable, especially for children’s clothing, so I understand why their cost is higher. Not to mention the cute-factor. I get it, but I don’t have to like it. They DO actually have a lot of adorable things on sale right now, and if I wasn’t forcing myself to not buy anything until after our baby shower, I’d probably have quite a few things in my cart right about now. I’d then probably agonize about spending the money for the following week and eventually give up, but that is another story.

Things I’m drooling over…

Stripe Skirted Bikini $34

Rosette Ruched Swim Cap $18

Bow Top now $15.99

Tipped Short Sleeve Cardigan now $19.99

Pin Dot Batiste Dress now $36.99

Bow Eyelet Dress now $34.99

Pleated Bow Dress now $19.99

Sailor Swim Cover-Up now $23.99

Button One-Piece Swimsuit $20.99

Piped Pique Romper $39


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