Feeling loved.

12 Mar

Isn’t this adorable? Last night, my friends Madge & Maria spoiled me with a little girls night to celebrate us finding out we are having a girl. I felt so flattered and honored that they would take the time to share in our joy.

Maria even took the time to make this adorable hot pink hat and booties for baby Ruby! Isn’t she talented? I’m really jealous of people who can make such beautiful things with their hands.

If that wasn’t enough to make a girl feel lucky, this morning my husband went out of his way to go to Nordstrom’s Cafe to get me one of my favorite things, (ever!)  their bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese and frozen coffee. Yummmmmmm. This weekend is off to a promising start!

Tomorrow we take Budgie to get some Spring photos done at Target (I swear I’m only obsessing about what he is going to wear a litttttttttle bit) and then we will be heading to the in-laws to celebrate Papa’s birthday. Monday I have another doctors appointment, can’t wait to hear Ruby’s heartbeat again 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?? ❤


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