I am one proud wifey

4 Mar

Ya, that is my hot husband. I remember when we had only been together for about  a year and Michael told me his dream was to one day be a Chef. He was afraid because he has been enrolled in a 4 year university  and people might think he was  crazy to transfer to a (ridiculously overpriced) culinary school in San Francisco. He was worried he’d never make enough money to support a family (obviously, he does) and he told me it would probably take him 10 years after graduating until he would be considered a Chef in charge of his own kitchen (it took him less than a year). I’m so proud, I’ve now cried about this like 3 times (freaking pregnancy hormones, man!) I know its just a tiny magazine (Granite Bay View), but to actually see his name in print CHEF Michael Reese means so much to me (and I’m sure to him, although he’d never admit it). I’m just so proud he faced his fear and chose to pursue a career he is truly passionate about.


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