The Nail Files: Nfu Oh 38

1 Mar

This edition of The Nail Files was submitted by a sexy reader by the name of Darah. Thanks lady!!!


Behold – Nfu Oh 38. (over NYC Purple Pizzazz) Duochrome flakies, dude. FLAKIES. Not glitter, sparkles or frost. These are normally orange/green/yellow, but they look more coral over the purple like that. But holy eff….the color changes IRL are friggin sweet (you can see a bit of it on my thumb). I’ve had this on for two days or so, and I’ve never gotten as much attention/compliments as I have with this stuff. I dunno how you are about wearing loud colors, but my guess is you’re not afraid of ’em either!

I have another Nfu polish I haven’t used yet (#39), but ooooohboy. You need some. I promise they’re worth the price ($12.50). If I can hold up with this no-nail-biting thing (these two were my present to myself for finally kicking the habit), I’ll probably get some more since there are some others I’m dying to try.

Sorry the pic isn’t great, it’s from my phone. the colors are accurate though:


More Nfu oh 38:

Photo via Beautopia

Purchase Nfu Nail Lacquers at FabulouStreet


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