Place Your Bets!

3 Feb

I added a poll to the right for people to guess what they think baby #2 will be! Only 11 more days until our big ultrasound. We are very excited. Okay, excited is kind of an understatement. We will genuinely be over the moon no matter what the baby’s gender is so long as he/she is healthy. On one hand I think a girl would be so new and exciting (I mean imagine all the bows this child would own)! I can imagine Jude being protective of her when they get into High School and her trying to impress Jude’s friends when they came over to hang out. Then, I also think about Jude having a brother so close in age and how special that bond would be. Not that he wouldn’t be close to his sister, but I think a bond of brothers is unique. I mean, I really wouldn’t know, but that is how they make it seem in movies anyways. So basically, it is going to be awesome no matter what!

I’ve been feeling really great since my last appointment! Might sound weird, but I don’t even really feel pregnant, except for being a little bit more tired here and there. I’ve been able to continue eating healthy and staying active exercising, which is a high priority to me this time around. I am getting a bump going (although I think most of it was still left over from Jude :)). No movement yet, but each baby is different so I’m not worried.

Jude is doing AWESOME! He really is getting cuter every second. Its crazy how much he is learning so many new things each day. Just in the past few weeks he has started saying, “What’s that?!”and “No!”. He is trying to talk so much more and can understand the things we say 90% of the time. He plays peekaboo with Daddy and can tell us where his nose and mouth are. He has been walking (running) for at least a month now and it is safe to say we are getting lots of extra cardio chasing him around everyday. I always judged those people who had their kids on leashes, which must be why I’ve now got a child who NEEDS a leash! Still, I’m going to fight that one for as long as I can though.
The weather has been so nice the past few weeks, we have been enjoying getting out in the sunshine as much as possible. Jude loves going to the park and playing in our front yard (thank goodness the front yard is fenced in so well!).
We took a trip to San Francisco recently, it was so nice to take him to the beach when he could walk around! Being out in the sunshine really helps to lift my pregnant spirits on days when I am feeling a little blue. We also took him to this gigantic kids play area in Golden Gate park that we will definitley be visiting in the future! It was so adorable watching about 100 kids playing, swinging and running everywhere.
Here is a video of our trip:

2 Responses to “Place Your Bets!”

  1. Julia Valdez February 3, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    >You look gorgeous!

  2. Jo February 3, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    >OOOO Tiff I love when you post! Im so excited for either gender and can see the pluses of either one! Cant wait till you find out! I still remember your appointment when you were pregs with Jude, I was trying to pass the time until you called by cleaning the house! Im sooo excited to know what you're having!Love to you both!Jo

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