>New year, new milestones.

7 Jan


So, I didn’t really talk about how our holidays were because I was so busy enjoying them! We had an awesome Christmas & New Years. We are lucky to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives and enjoyed all the time we got to spend with them. This past weekend we decided to get away for a bit and head up to Reno. Well, actually I found out about this deal Grand Sierra Resort is having in which you can stay for two nights in the month of December & January for FREE (Sun-Thurs). We thought it was waaaaay to good to pass up, so we didn’t. If you want to check it out visit http://www.grandsierraresort.com
The hotel was actually pretty nice (especially for FREE). They have an inexpensive bowling ally, arcade, tons of restaurants, Starbucks, Movie Theater (only $3 a person), etc all inside the hotel. Probably the funniest part for me was watching Jude test out his new found walking abilities while we were there. The hotel has really wide walk ways, so he was free to walk/fall down all over the place.
When we got home he also decided to show us that he is finally ready to master (read: attempt to find his mouth) with a spoon.
Here is some video/pictures from our adventures:
I have another OBGYN appointment this coming Monday so I will be able to update about the pregnancy then. Have an awesome weekend!


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