>8 Weeks Pregnant!

12 Nov


Posted 12/3/10
So, here I am again, basically talking to myself since this post won’t be made public until we decide to share our wonderful news with the world šŸ™‚ Tomorrow marks 8 weeks pregnant, about 32 weeks to go! Another 6 days until Thanksgiving, when we will be telling both sides of our parents the big news. We can hardly wait! I have been feeling pretty sick, it comes and goes. I’ve started using these B6 lozenges & Unisom to help with the nausea/vomiting and it helps a little bit. Still feeling very tired, but I know 2nd trimester will be here in no time and I will hopefully get back to feeling like myself again. 
Monday is my first OBGYN visit and I am excited! I am going to a completely new practice, so it is a little nerve racking, but I feel positive about it. I am on the lookout for a baby doll to get Jude for Christmas. I’ve heard it is good practice for when the real baby comes. Even though I know I’m pregnant, it really hasn’t sunk in. Maybe that’s because I know how long pregnancy is and know I have a LOT of time to get used to the idea.

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