>LA & Disneyland Adventure

20 Oct


We are home!!! Our trip was such a blast, like, I can’t even properly describe how fun it was. We left {way too early} Sunday and drove to Northridge to attend a friends daughter’s 1st birthday party. We all had an fantastic time hanging out and watching the babies play. Oh, you need to see Jude’s outfit.
Ya, that IS a baby-tux-onesie (praise you, H&M).
So after a day of driving, epic fun and more driving, we arrived at our hotel. It wasn’t by any means the nicest hotel I’ve been in, nor the worst, but it was convenient because it was right next to the entrance of Disneyland.
We went to bed before 9pm. That hasn’t happened since….wait, has it ever happened?
The next morning we woke up. To rain. Not a fan. But, we were there and we drove 7+ hours so we were going to freaking Disneyland and we were going to have fun (even if it killed me). Luckily, it only sprinkled for maybe an hour all day and we were on rides almost the whole time, so it ended up being no biggie. Plus, we’d take a little rain in place of heat any day.
Once we got into the park (after taking a few pictures at the entrance, I mean…you have to) we saw Alice and the Mad Hatter from Wonderland. Jude and I introduced ourselves and took some pictures. Probably the cutest part of our day was when a few hours later we saw the Mad Hatter cruising by on a car with some other characters and he saw Jude and yelled, “Hi Jude!!” it was really cute. Also, I’m pretty sure there were a few jealous kids staring at him thinking, he must be famous!
Jude did surprisingly well on all the rides. His first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean and I think the first minute he was kind of looking at my like, “What the eff, Mom?!” but then once the ride actually got going it was more like, “Mom this is freaking awesome!!!”
We also went on Haunted Mansion (twice), Finding Nemo, Buzz Light year, Its a Small World, Storybook Land and Jungle Cruise. It worked out that one of our other friends from LA area was able to come meet us at the park (they have season passes, how lucky!) for a few hours so Jude got to share some of his day with his buddy Nathan too.
He only took one (very short) nap all day and did amazing considering!! He even stayed up through the parade that evening. After the parade we still had time (and somehow, energy) to go on Pirates of the Caribbean one more time AND watch Daddy go on Splash Mountain.
Here are pictures from our day 🙂
Lastly, here is how excited we were to get home:



2 Responses to “>LA & Disneyland Adventure”

  1. Shelly October 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    >Awww!!Your son is soooo adorable, soo cuteee!!!!

  2. Kelly Blair October 21, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    >Sounds like you guys had such an amazing time Tiff! It is so fun to see all your fun adventures!

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