>Show Pony

9 Oct


About a month ago I made a trip to Sephora (not to be confused with the holy land) to pick up a few things for a client when I couldn’t stop myself from buying Urban Decay’s Show Pony Shadow Box ($30).
The palette contains:

– Snatch Eyeshadow (peachy-pink with glitter)
– Painkiller Eyeshadow (turquoise shimmer)
– Mildew Eyeshadow (deep green)
– Flash Eyeshadow (electric purple)
– Smog Eyeshadow (deep bronze)
– Toasted Eyeshadow (copper)
– 24/7 Eye Pencil: Zero (black)
– Eyeshadow Primer Potion. 

I’ve always really liked Urban Decay’s eye shadows so I knew I would be pleased with the colors and pigmentation. I like that it contains really pretty golden tones which can be worn easily for day but also has a few crazier amped up shades which are fun for going out or just spicing up life.
The shade I have used the least is definitely “Snatch” (top left) due to the fact it has bigger specs of glitter in it and I haven’t been a fan of glitter since 2001. No offense glitter. And while I really do like Urban’s eyeshadow primers, I gotta say that I think that Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray is still better (in my humble opinion). One of my favorite day combinations has been pairing “Flash”(top right) with “Toasted” (bottom right). Although, I did have a fun time mixing “Painkiller” (bottom left) and “Flash” (top right) for a night out. Here are a few shots. Don’t mind my un-did hair, okay?

All-in-all even after a month, I am still in love with this palette, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend listening to this song during the application process:

HAPPY WEEKEND Fancy Friends!!!


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