>5 Weeks, 5 Days Pregnant!

4 Oct


 Posted 12/3/10
Even though we won’t be announcing our pregnancy to everyone until Thanksgiving, I still wanted to write some updates in the mean time. I just wont be publishing them until people know “we” are pregnant. I am really a crappy secret keeper. It is totally something I need to work on. Christmas is usually like torture for me because I want to tell people the presents I got them the second I buy them. Since Jude was somewhat of a surprise, we were in so much shock, we didn’t even think about keeping the pregnancy a secret. This time, we figured the “right thing” to do was wait a bit longer, and if we wait until Thanksgiving we will be able to tell most of our family while we are all together, which seems really fun! If I can set up a way to video tape their reactions, that would be really awesome!!
So far I’ve been feeling mostly good. I have some nausea here and there but no throwing up. I am really hoping to have less morning sickness with this baby. I have been continuing my workouts and also hoping that might help things. I made my first (official) OBGYN appointment yesterday. It will be Monday Nov 22nd. I’m sort of hoping they might do an ultra sound, but trying not to get my hopes up.
Although we are SO incredibly excited, I think we know we are in for a long wait and I think we will be a lot more laid back and less stressed with this pregnancy. Before, when I was pregnant with Jude, I just wanted the 9 (well, 10.3) months to be OVER. But now, as much as I am excited for baby#2, I don’t want to rush any amount of time in Jude’s life because it goes by so fast as it is. He will be 2 months away from being 2 by the time the baby comes. I want to appreciate all the time we have “just us” even  though I know it will only get BETTER when the baby comes.
Well, that is enough rambling for now 🙂

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