>Jude’s Birthday Recap

30 Sep


 Jude had an awesome birthday! Thank you to everyone who helped make it special for him!! He started his day being woken up by Michael & myself and then got to open a toy we got him from Ikea. For breakfast he had a blueberry pancake, followed by an hour of playing with his new truck he received from his pal Stella. Nap time then commenced and after he woke I took him on a lunch date to Daddy’s work. I guess that must have been a pretty good time because he was ready for nap #2 right after lunch. Perhaps it was the chicken fingers Michael insisted he have, you know, since it was his “birthday lunch”. After his nap, Jude was surprised by a BIG box brought by the UPS man. Inside it was a giant slide/climb and play thingy from Auntie Ann & Uncle Dave. 
Boy was he excited! Michael came home early from work and put it together right away. Jury is still out about who was more excited between the two. Lots of sliding and laughing took place and soon it was time to go to the Splashpark (or so we thought). Unfortunately, the Splashpark hours had changed so we took him over to the play place at Whole Foods where we met up with Nana, Grandpa, Papa, Lita, Aunt Nicole & Ari. We had a blast watching Budge play and eat his enormous cup cake (which he seemed to have no trouble nearly finishing). Lastly, Jude got a surprise when we found out Papa & Lita had brought him this:
He was lucky his cousin Ari was there to push him all over. They had a wonderful time zooming around everywhere. All and all is was an fun-filled special day. Since we missed out on the Splashpark yesterday we took him this afternoon. I love taking him there and watching him scream and cheer with excitement.
We can’t wait for his party this Sunday!!
Here is a recap of Jude’s 1st Birthday 🙂

Jude’s 1st Birthday from Tiffany Reese on Vimeo.


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