29 Sep


Dearest Jude,
Happy first birthday to the sunshine of my life!!! I can’t believe it has already been a year and yet, in the same thought I can’t remember what life was like without you. You are our world. I am so lucky everyday to get to be your Mom. Daddy & I can’t help but beam and brag about you everywhere we go. Each morning as I walk into your room and see you standing in your crib (usually bouncing up and down) my heart skips, because it really does seem that you actually DO get cuter every day! When you are around I feel complete happiness and euphoria.
You are such a darling boy, always giving your Mama kisses and waving to Daddy (to welcome him home at the end of his long days from work). Usually, you wait at the window in the living room in the late afternoon anticipating his arrival.

You have such a giving spirit and always offer to share an animal cracker or a bite of your grape with us.

You are quite sneaky and like to “investigate” and “destroy” many things around the house. Daddy and I often burn many calories chasing you down trying to retrieve paper, dead flies, screws, etc from your mouth.
Oh, your dance moves!! If music is on, you are dancing. You get so excited and clap your hands and everyone wants to laugh and dance right along with you.
I like to think you save a special smile just for me. It often brings tears to my eyes. Every day I think about how lucky I am just to spend the day with you, just to hang out with you. Jude, you have such a glow about you. It is obvious how much excitement you have for life and how interested you are in everything the world has to offer.
Your father has such deep and profound love for you. He is the kind of Dad who makes you dinner, gives you baths and gets up in the middle of the night to bring you a bottle when you cry. He gets up early to spend time with you before work and I often wake up to the sound of you giggling away at some inside joke between the two of you. His biggest fear is that you would ever doubt his love for a second and that you would think poorly of him in some way, yet he would never give you a reason to think such things.
We have enjoyed many fun adventures in your first year of life. Traveling, playing and exploring. One of my most fond memories was when we recently took you to the ocean for your first time. Your face lit up with joy as you approached the water and you clapped your hands. This is one of the best parts of being your parents; we get to see the beauty in life again for the first time through your eyes.
Know that the love we have for you grows with every second. When you fall and bump your head, I often cry before you do because as your Mother I wish I could stop any sadness or pain from ever crossing your path. Yet, life will happen. But know that we are always here, you will never be alone.
I can’t help but think back to the day you were born. It wasn’t the way we planned, it wasn’t the “perfect” timing but as soon as we saw your face nothing in the world, aside you, mattered. As they laid you on my chest, tears of flooding emotion fell unto your tiny head as I held you as closely as I could. I will never forget that day because it is the most important one we’ve ever shared. I didn’t mind the lack of sleep because reality was better than any dream I’ve ever had.
Your victories became ours. I remember your first bath, the first day you held up your head, your first bite of rice cereal, the first day you crawled and the first time I heard you say “Dada!” One of my favorite memories happened only a few weeks ago, when I asked you if I could please have a kiss and you leaded over and gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek I could ever imagine.
With all the joy, love, admiration, excitement (and a bit of sadness) we wish you the happiest birthday! To another year filled with adventure and happiness.
Love you to the moon,

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