My Husband Ain’t Gonna Like This.

12 Sep
Happy Sunday everyone!
So, last night I’m having a couple cocktails with some girlfriends when my bestie Madge mentions to me this  website Beauty Ticket that has discounted designer beauty products. Of course, I instantly was intrigued. So this morning I checked it out and holy effing awesome batman!!!! Madge, I owe you big time!
This website is frickin’ rad. You guys NEED to check it out. Seriously. No, SERIOUSLY.
For instance their “Steal of the Week” currently is Stila’s Waterproof & Curling Lash Visor Mascara (in brown) for only $4.99 (original price $20).
Aside the Steals of the Week, the stock and prices in general are mighty tempting.
Or this adorable Pixi 6-Piece “Bronze Bombshell” kit for $14.99 (Originally $35)
Right now I notice they have a tons of eyeshadows from Estee Lauder, Pixi, YSL, Smashbox etc.
Some note worthy steals include:

I think this Bella il Fiore Cinnamon Honey lip Plumping Trio is so freakin’ cute as well. $9.99 (Originally $28)

Hope y’all are having a fabulous & relaxing weekend! I have been fist pumping all morning with excitement for MTV’s Video Music Awards tonight! Not to mention a new episode of Jersey Shore.

Please make sure you have a change of panties before watching this:


One Response to “My Husband Ain’t Gonna Like This.”

  1. Maggie September 16, 2010 at 2:46 pm #

    >Beauty secrets are not ment to be keep to oneself 😉

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