9 Sep


The countdown has begun to Jude’s 1st birthday in our house! When I saw “September” on our calendar I nearly jumped out of my skin I was so taken aback. BUT we have kicked off this month with such gusto! There is no need for us(me) to cry just yet over my little baby becoming a little big-baby. This past Labor Day weekend Uncle Tony & Aunt Stacy came into town (from San Jose) and coincidentally Aunt Brandi’s Mom, Ginger, was also visiting (from Oklahoma) so we had a blast hanging out with everyone. 
Labor Day evening Michael, Jude & I packed up and headed to our friend Chris Crabbe’s cabin (aka The Crabbin’). We didn’t leave until past 6pm because Michael had to work that day, so we expected Jude to be asleep by the time we arrived. Wrong. We got there around 8pm and Bug was SO excited he started crawling in circles (aka doing “laps”) around the cabin, screaming with joy. I was laughing hysterically. 
Tuesday, our friends Nick & Jaime arrived to spend the evening and following day with us. We had such a relaxing and fun-filled time. When we woke up Wednesday morning Michael, Jude & I got the best surprise! Our other friend, Isaac (who lives in Southern California) came up and surprised us at the cabin!! I had to do a double take because I was so surprised and excited to see him. 
 It definitely made the whole trip even better having him there.
Here is a video with some pictures & clips from this weekend 🙂
Oh and here is a video of Jude & his new friend “Lucky”.

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