3 Aug

>Michael, Jude & I had the pleasure of having our niece Ari for a sleepover last night. We took the kids to the splash park at The Fountains & to Big Spoon. They had such a fun time, it was so cute to watch. Today we went for a picnic at the park and then out for a special lunch at Michael’s work.

Lately I have been so emotional because of Jude’s turning 10 months and realizing he will be One soon. It is sad and exciting at the same time. Today I was reminiscing (while watching the kids play on the swings) about the first time I met Ari, she had just turned 3 and she was the cutest, happiest & smartest little girl I had ever met in my life. First we were friends, then I was lucky enough to become her Aunt. This gave me the joy of being able to watch her grow…. and she is now 8 years old, which baffles me. It makes me realize how fast time flies by and makes me want to savor every second I can of Jude’s childhood.

Ari age 3.
Ari & Jude meeting for the first time.
Today 🙂

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