>Almost 8 months!

18 May


Well aside from being a grumpy little sicky boy this week, Jude TOTALLY has his own personality already, it is not just me that thinks so, even strangers comment on it. He is a ham. Also? He has totally learning how to manipulate me into doing what he wants, so I am having to learn to teach him “no” which is the not-so-fun part of Mommyhood. The majority of the time he is happy,smiling, laughing and carefree. He is crawling (pretty fast!), pulling up, babbling- mostly he says “bah bah baaaahhhhhh”, giving high-fives, “dances” to music (kinda looks like a full body seizure :lol:) and getting really great at feeding himself! Today he took me for a walk and LOVED swinging at the park.


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