>Jude’s First Easter & Trip to Santa Cruz!!

6 Apr


Jude had a very fun & adventurous first Easter. We got up bright and early Sunday morning, packed up the car and headed to my older brother Tony’s house in San Jose. Jude slept most of the drive, which  was nice for him as he was having a little pain from cutting his first two teeth.
 Ummm, Mom can we go now?
Once we arrived, Michael & I helped hide eggs for the other little kids (Stacy, my brothers girlfriend, has two sisters and combined they have six children).
Jude hung out with Uncle Tony.
Oh, and Jude kept trying to put anything in his mouth that may help ease his teething pain…
After we watched the Easter egg hunt, we all relaxed for a while. Jude had a very good time watching the other children running around hopped up on sugar! Later in the afternoon we went over to our hotel to check in and take a look. We were very pleasantly surprised, even the Easter Bunny wanted to kick it there.
Dolce Hayes Mansion. San Jose, CA
Easter evening we had a glorious dinner prepaired by Stacy’s family. Michael loved not having to cook, he said it tasted twice as good because someone else made it. After dinner we played Wii with the kids and hung out. Eventually we made our way back to the hotel and had fun relaxing. It was a really great first Easter as our new little family. I can’t wait to watch Jude run around next year scooping up eggs 🙂
Enjoying watching the Sharks game with Uncle Tony.
Relaxing with Daddy after a fun filled day
The next day was Michael’s 25th birthday! We were very excited because this was one of the first times Michael had two days off in a row since Jude was born. Jude & I let Michael “sleep in” and Jude got to take a bubble bath in a big boy tub. He loved it, he very much enjoyed splashing water everywhere, and since I didn’t have to clean it up, I enjoyed watching!
Daddy then got up and we got ready for our day. We were excited to go to Santa Cruz but we had heard on the news that it was going to be rainy. Well, it couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was probably 65 and beautiful! We had a fabulous lunch and walked around Downtown for 3 hours or so. We found Jude an awesome cardigan & suspenders at American Apparel. He was such a good boy and greatly enjoyed taking in all the new sights.
Bug was VERY interested in the people next to us’ conversation at lunch.
Taking a snack break Downtown.
A few hours and a parking ticket later we were on our way back to San Jose to have dinner with Tony and Stacy at this really yummy taqueria. I am not sure how to spell it in Spanish but it sounded like “Ta-la-kee-pa-kee”. We were planning on taking Jude to see the ocean & beach before heading out but it got very windy and he fell asleep in the car so we drove by instead. Michael & I decided we need to move into one of those 10 million dollar houses on the beach someday. All in all we had a wonderful trip & most importantly Michael said he had an amazing birthday!

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