>Jude’s First Big Trip!

13 Mar

>Jude, Nana & I made a trip last week to Oaklahoma City to see my little brother Bobby & his gf and family. Most importantly, we were going to see Lilah my niece that was just born about 3 weeks ago. I was so nerves about the flying part of our trip but it went as smoothly as possible. Jude slept most of the time on the flights and when he was awake he was happy as can be! Let me tell you what though, I thought taking this kid to Target was hard…traveling with a baby is hard work! By the time we arrived, we were exhausted. Which kinda ended up working out because of the time difference.

Bug sleeping on the plane.

Bobby & Lilah.

The weather was beautiful while we were there, which everyone kept saying was very rare. Jude enjoyed our walk down by water when we went to Bricktown our 2nd day. My brother took us to lunch at this fun southern style restaurant called Earl’s Ribs.


Jude & Nana at Earl’s.

That evening we had dinner at this really fun Japanese steak house that Brandi’s Mom took us to. They cook all the food in front of you, like Benihana here. Jude slept through the whole thing, he was burnt out from our long walk!

Everyone minus Jude who was sleeping in his stroller at dinner.

Saturday, our third day, was also really enjoyable. We went to a fun Tex Mex restaurant that sits on a beautiful lake (man made I am guessing). Jude grabbed a tortilla chip and stuck it right in his mouth. He looked like he was enjoying it so much I didn’t have the heart to take it away. After lunch we went to a huge local mall and walked around for a while because it was getting pretty windy. Jude enjoyed flirting with all the girls at the mall and hanging out with his cousin.

Sunday Jude & I were very excited because we got to go to Cracker Barrel and have lunch with our good friends Darah, Savannah & Ari(Air-ee). Baby Ari was just beautiful and had the cutest cheeks! Savannah is 7 and absolutely stunning, she reminded me a lot of my niece Ari(Ar-ee)! Darah bought Jude & Ari matcing sock monkeys, they are so adorable and cuddly.

That evening we had a little Oscar’s pizza party at Bobby, Brandi & Ginger’s house. Jude was very into watching the Oscars. Maybe he will be like his Dad and enjoy shopping.

Sunday Brandi & Nana had been sick 😦 we thought maybe it was food poisoning but when I woke up Monday morning very sick, I knew too well it was the flu. So the travel home was less than ideal. Tired, sick & traveling on a tiny plane that had turbulence 90% of the trip. It made it even better to be home after that! Jude & I were sooooooo excited to see Michael. We really missed him too much. I don’t think we will ever be traveling without him again!! At least not if we can help it 🙂

All in all it was a great trip. The difference between Jude at 4 months and 5 is astounding. I can’t wait for all that lies ahead but I really try to live in today and enjoy every second with my beautiful boy 🙂

Here are a few recent pictures of the little meatball:


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