>Jude Welcomes New Friends into His Life :)

22 Feb


Jude is almost 5 months old…


Seriously, I can barely stomach this fact. He is growing so fast I can hardly bare it. I know this is one of those things in life that people tell you a bajillion times, but yet until it clicks in your mind it means nothing, but seriously…BABIES GROW SOOO FAST! The last time Jude had a check up (approximately 2 weeks ago) he was nearly 16lbs. Almost double his birth weight.

Jude is up to all sorts of new fun things:

-Rolling over both ways
-Smiling, laughing & cooing
-Grabbing everything humanly possible
-Putting anything and everything in his mouth
-Starting to hold his own bottle
-Trying very hard to figure out how to move while on his tummy (aka trying to crawl)
-Standing & jumping in his jumperoo
-Trying a few solid foods here and there
-Screaming for fun (He thinks this is just hilarious! Mom, does not anymore)
-Trying to hold himself up

The list goes on and on. It seems like everyday we are discovering something new he is attempting. We just love him more than words could ever say. I am trying to enjoy each day to the fullest and enjoy so much being at home.

Also, Jude’s circle of friends is growing! His future wife (my good friend Kelly’s baby) Stella was born this month along with Jude’s cousin Lilah Michelle Henning! Jude & I will be taking our first big trip (without Dad, boo) March 4th to go to Oaklahoma City to see Lilah and Uncle Bobby and Brandi. We are very much looking forward to it, but we will miss Daddy. Oh! Also while on our trip we will get to meet up with our friends Darah and baby Ari. Can.Not.Wait!

Stella & Kelly:

My brother Bobby & Lilah:


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