>Jude’s First Playdate! (Jude & Jilly)

17 Jan

>Today was Jude’s first play date and it couldn’t have been anymore fun. Jilly is 5 months old and Jude about 3.5 but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. Jilly is still quite small, lean and long. Jude looks like a giant meatball sub next to her. She is very dainty and has beautiful eyes & gorgeous long eyelashes. Jude was quite smitten, however Jilly is much more of a flirt. Thank you Krista & Jilly for such a fun day!!! Here are some highlights(more pictures to come later)…

Out to lunch:

Video of Jilly hitting on JudeVideo Here.


Typical that Jude slept the whole time with Jilly was all about it.

Playing after nap time:

Jude was a little jealous of Jilly’s head holding and scooting skills. He kept trying so hard to hold his head up for as long as her but he couldn’t so he just turned his head to the side and staring at her. He may have been overwhelmed by her cuteness.
Video: Video Here.


One Response to “>Jude’s First Playdate! (Jude & Jilly)”

  1. The818 January 17, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    >I could not be more jealous. And wait, Michael was there too? Just shoot me.

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