>Happy New Year Jude!

9 Jan


Our first Christmas holiday with Jude was awesome. We spend time with both sides of our family and some time just the three of us as well. Many thanks to all who made our first Christmas with Jude so memorable.

It is a new year and I am having a hard time processing how quickly time is passing each week. Jude is already getting so big, which is wonderful yet saddening too. He smiles all the time now and is starting to hold his head up for quite awhile when on his tummy. He loves to grab things (including Mama’s hair) and everything goes right into the mouth. Meatball has been teething here and there but no teeth to show for it yet. Jude loves to “talk” and yell too! Not in an upset way he just likes for us to be very clear on what he is trying to tell us. He will start saying a vowel and then over the span of a few minutes that little “Aaaaa” turns in to “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. It is very humorous.

We are very blessed, he is a very happy baby 99% of the time. We have been working on getting him to sleep in his co-sleeper(next to the bed) more at night and he has been doing quite well with it. Jude has his four month checkup on February 8th and we will most likely start introducing a few solid foods at that time. He is very interested in food already(Hmmm I wonder where he gets it).

I wish I had more videos to share but unfortunately our brand new camera already broke so it may be a while until we can afford a new one. I have taken some on my cell phone but I still need to figure out how to transfer them.


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