>December 12th 2009

12 Dec


Original source: http://fancyfetus.blogspot.com


You are quickly becoming bigger than Mama would like. You are already 13+ pounds and 23 inches. You smile all the time now and are on the verge of giggling. I love trying to get you to smile all day. It never gets old. Sometimes your sappy Mama cries because you smile so big. Daddy & I are very excited for us to have our first Christmas with you. You loved helping us decorate our tree, you liked the bright lights the best. Oh and you are already having some teeth coming in! Everywhere we go people tell me how alert you look! You like to listen to music in the morning with Mama and we enjoy doing “baby-cise”. Babbling has become a favorite past time. I love listening to your voice and anxiously await the day you will say “Mama”. Saturday mornings Daddy & you let Mama sleep in and you spend the morning snuggling and watching manly movies together. Mondays are Daddy sleep in days and you and I get up and have coffee talk. You are very curious and enjoy staring at lots of things. You are sleeping much better at night! Last night you slept for 7.5 hours straight!! We love you to the moon! Everyday is an adventure.




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