>8 Week Update & Birth Video

25 Nov

>Original source: http://www.fancyfetus.blogspot.com

First, here is a link to a slide show I made of Jude’s first & first week of life:
The Birth of Jude from Tiffany Reese on Vimeo.

Jude had his 8 week check up on Tuesday. He is now a little over 12lbs and 23inches long! He was supposed to have all of his first shots but they were out of a few of them so he got his polio shot and we will go back next week for the rest. He was very brave and only cried a teeny bit, which made Mama feel less stressed out about it. He is becoming more and more active, discovering his limbs and starting to smile more and more each day. His favorite things to do right now are to starve at lights, suck on his fists and kick one of his legs profusely. He likes to “talk” in the early morning and tell us all about what awesome dreams he had the night before. Jude is looking forward to his first Thanksgiving despite his menu only including breast milk and formula.

Oh, and for clarification Jude is NOT asking for makeup for Christmas.
Here is his list, it has been fixed:


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