>Three Weeks Old

21 Oct

>Original Source: http://www.fancyfetus.blogspot.com

How Jude is doing:
Jude turned 3 weeks old yesterday. Time is flying by! Jude was a lot more fussy this week than the first two weeks, I suspect he may be going through his first growth spurt. We have seen a few faint smiles here and there but they seem to be gas induced for now. I look forward to the day when we are able to see a real big genuine smile! Lots of visitors in an out of our home still. Jude is very popular! In the last few days he discovered his tongue and is enjoying sticking it out at Mommy all the time.

How Mom & Dad are doing:

I am trying to enjoy every second, as he is growing so fast. We are still adjusting at home, he is still rather wakeful at night. In terms of my recovery from surgery, I will be seeing my OB at 6 weeks postpartum for a check up, but I feel great! I think right now we are both still in awe of how blessed we are. Of course, trying to get sleep whenever possible which is easier said than done some days.

Here is a video from this past Monday:

*Please excuse my spelling/grammar, Mama is running on 4 hours of sleep today.


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