>Update: Doctors Appointment

16 Oct

>Original source: www.fancyfetus.blogspot.com

Jude had his 2 week checkup and was also circumcised on Wednesday. I would be lying if I said it was pleasant. It wasn’t. In terms of his checkup, all is well. He gained 6oz this past week. No wonder he is eating so much!

Jude has been very busy with all sorts of visitors and playing in his new swing. His sleep schedule has been about the same at night, waking ever 2-4 hours to eat. Usually he wakes up and is ready for the day to begin at about 5 or 6 AM. Mom and Dad are trying to convince him how much fun it is to sleep in, but he is not yet convinced. Because we have been having visitors so often it has been hard for us to start a nighttime routine and sometimes we (Michael & I) are not getting to bed til almost midnight, which is very late when you have been up since 5am. Things will start settling down and we will continue to adjust and get used to each others schedules. WE really can’t complain, Jude is such a good baby. He really doesn’t cry much unless he is really hungry.

New pictures posted:


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