>Jude is one week!

7 Oct

>Week one has been amazing. Tiring, but amazing. We were so glad to come home from the hospital on Friday (10/2). Jude is only a week old (well 8 days) and he has already had lots of visits from family and friends. Some nights he sleeps in 3 hour increments and some night, like last night, he is up ever 1.5-2 hours. This is making for very tired but happy parents. Michael has been so wonderful at helping in the evening and morning when he isn’t at work.

This morning Jude had his first Doctors appointment. He has gained 2oz and grew 1/2 an inch! No wonder he is eating so much. Also, today I saw him roll on his side for the first time. I was a little scared at first but have been reassured it is normal.

We are looking forward to more visits from friends and family. Uncle Tony and his GF Stacy are coming to visit this weekend from San Jose! Next week we have another check up appointment and possible circumcision 😦

Here are some pictures from the past week and Doctors appointment this morning!


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