>Update! Appointment 41 Weeks!

26 Sep

>Original source: http://fancyfetus.blogspot.com/

So many of you have already been updated hopefully but I wanted to put this on here for anyone we may have missed.

Friday we had a 41 week appointment with Dr. Kamris who is my L&D doctor. I had an internal and was still not progressing. I have pretty much been about the same since 36 weeks (in terms of dilating). So he recommended a Non Stress Test at the hospital this morning and we set up a date and time for an induction on Monday at 4AM, if Jude doesn’t come on his own. The time seems random but that’s just how they do things, especially because the hospital is really busy. The 4AM time is not set in stone, we have to call around 2AM to confirm there is a bed available for me to come in to.

We went to the hospital (Mercy San Juan) bright and early this morning and the NST which went great. Jude is apparently more than happy in there. All the nurses were super nice and they talked with me a little about what the induction will probably go like on Monday. First I will have to start with an IV and fluids and an IV of antibiotics because I am Group B Strep positive (http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancycomplications/groupbstrepinfection.html). I will mostly likely be started on Cytotec to help my cervix along. Then it will depend how I progress whether or not they will break my water or start me on Pitocin (the devil).

Both the nurse and the doctor told me to expect for it to take a long time for the induction. Sure, things can change but I respect them for being honest.

Before leaving the hospital this morning we had to wait for the OB on duty to check over us and make sure we were good to go. We heard some gnarly horror movie screams from down the hall. The Doctor delivered 3 babies while we were waiting. He came in very casually and shook my hand and said everything looks great and if they had room in the inn, he would induce me today. I told him I understand and that he sounds very popular. He told me there are such things as being too popular. We agreed.

Thank you again everyone for your thoughts, love and prayers. It is so much appreciated!

If you are interested in visiting the hospital after the baby is born, please direct all inquirys to Michael. I am requesting no visitors during Labor and delivery (aside from Michael and my Mama) for my own personal reasons and comfort levels. Michael will be updating everyone via text and Facebook. I appreciate your respect in this decision.

Please remember that if you have been sick in the last week, or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick we would appreciate if you would celebrate with us from afar for now. With all the different flu’s/colds going around the hospital has a very strict policy and little Jude is at a very high risk when exposed to those kinds of germs.

So…only 36 hours to go to start this thing 🙂


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