>Update! Appointment: 40 Weeks!

21 Sep

>First I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers. It means a lot to have all the encouragement Michael, Jude & I have been given over the past week (and past 283 days).

Had a checkup this morning. My cervix is completely effaced (ready to go) and I am slightly more dilated than I was last week. So basically, like we knew before, I could have Jude at any time it just depends when he wants to come.

We have an appointment with my delivery OB on Friday(9/25), so if I have not had Jude by then he will check me and we will decide to either induce me and have Jude Friday or wait to see if I go naturally over the weekend and have Jude Monday(9/28).

Of course, we are hoping to have him in the next few days, but I feel better having a “back up plan” should things not go the way we want.


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