9 Sep

>We are quickly approaching 39 weeks! (Insert oh-my-goodness face here)

We had a checkup on Tuesday and I had another internal exam. Looks like I am about the same 1cm dilated. My OB says not to worry, I haven’t gone backwards and it doesn’t mean I can’t go into labor at any moment either way. Heartbeat, growth and blood pressure all right on track so that is wonderful. My next appointment is Monday September 14th, but my Doctor says she will forgive me if I don’t make it 🙂

For those who may be wondering what happens if I go past my due date: I would meet with my L&D OB and we would do a NST (Non-Stress Test) on Jude and make sure he is happy in there and getting all the things he still needs. If for some reason they feel like he should come out at that point, we would most likely plan an induction (breaking of waters, Pitocin) within the week. If he is happy and content, then I would just try natural induction methods and wait for him to make up his mind. Hopefully I will go into labor naturally and none of that will be necessary.

Tuesday we also graduated from our Lamaze class. We learned about postpartum care, which Michael and I agreed seemed like the scariest part of the whole class. We learned a lot through the classes and felt very fortunate to be able to attend them.

We are getting very anxious to meet Jude. I keep trying to remind myself that God’s timing has always been much better than my own. Almost everytime Michael calls me he starts with “Did your water break yet?”. I believe this is partly because he is so excited and partly because he wants to leave work early most days. 🙂

It get’s really hard in the last few weeks of pregnancy to be patient.I feel, for myself, this way mostly because I am very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain at night when trying to sleep. In the end, it is all worth it of course but it is still challenging. I have been trying to stay busy and active, walking as much as possible without over doing it. Most days consist of daydreaming about meeting Jude and getting to wear normal clothes again.

Don’t forget to place your guesses for when you think Jude will be born!


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