13 Aug

>I had heard from a friend that a local career college does free ultrasounds to help their students to practice so I gave them a call, and today was my appointment. I was kinda bummed the only slots they had were when Michael was working but I’m really happy I went. It was totally different from a normal ultrasound because the girl practicing is over seen by a teacher. It was really interesting for me because I learned a lot of medical terminology that I’d never heard before. This week the class was studying spines, so I got to see a lot of Jude’s back & neck. It was kinda funny because the teacher was this very nice guy with some kind of accent and he would say “look at that beautiful spine” or “perfect spine, gorgeous” every time the girl would take a picture.

Jude is head down, which is great! He is a little over 5 pounds which is right on track since he will be gaining about 1/2 a pound a week now until birth(5 more weeks! Ahh!). He still has a penis so Michael & I don’t have to panic and return anything.Although when she was trying to find his penis, Jude kept kicking and trying to block with his legs and feet. He wanted some dang privacy! He was sucking on his fingers and every time the girl would try and take a picture of his profile he would bashfully put both of his hands over his face. The teacher said they could tell the cord is not around his neck and all his limbs were working well šŸ™‚ He kept saying he has beautiful kidneys but I don’t know what that means per-say. I also got to see a close up of his cute little feet and ears. We couldn’t tell if he has hair or not yet because his head was way too far down.

I would post pictures but we don’t have a scanner right now, plus they were not nearly as clear because the girl is still practicing.

It was pretty awesome!!! I can’t wait to meet this little guy in person.


One Response to “>Ultrasound”

  1. Lauren of Vida Mia Photography August 17, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    >AHH! Yay… I'm so glad you guys went and had that one done. It's so much better than paying the $300 for it. Even if it IS a little less clear. Oh well. So, if you guys need anything let me know. I probably have it. We have a whole MESS of stuff that Liam never even had a chance to shove his chunky little butt into. :-D-Laurenwww.lifeabridged.com

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