>Favorite’s (So Far)

10 Aug

>Thought I would share some of the fun stuff we have found/been given for Jude.

The first baby item we were given, from my Mama 🙂

I adore this. It’s a vintage Carebears overall onsie. I assume it’s older or as old as Michael & I.

Cute little preppy sailor vest from some random thrift store.

Michael picked this one out! I quickly agreed. It’s from Carters, one of the few “brand new” things we have bought.

This may be a favorite of both of us. This was handed down to me from my Mom, was worn by my brother.

I like to call this one the baby Kanye West outfit. We got this at this massive Mormon thrift store in Sacramento. The most organized thrift store I have ever seen in my life (Desert Thrift)

We found this sweater at an awesome thrift store in South Lake Tahoe when we were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary:

Hopefully this will fit at Christmas! We found the vest at a thrift store and the white ruffly shirt once belonged to one of my brothers:

This is a possible “going home from the hospital” outfit. Given to us by Joanna. There is also an adorable & snuggly blanket that matches.


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