30 Weeks?!

13 Jul

Wow. Time is passing by very quickly. Jude is about 3+ pounds right now which is already making for some very sore days.

We are in the process of trying to find a less expensive apartment. Unfortunately we will most likely be moving about 20 days before my due date. Not how we imagined things to be, but that is life. We simply cannot afford all of our bills right now and the necessity’s we need so we are doing what we can to help make our lives more manageable. We are also trying to find other ways to spread out loans and cut out any unnecessary costs in our lives (which isn’t much, we are pretty good with money as is!). We are faithful that things will work out.

We took maternity photo’s yesterday! I was nervous, as I am usually on the other side of things, but it was fun! I will be sure to post some once I receive them.

My next appointment is a week from today. I always look forward to my appointments.

Here is what’s going on with Jude:

“Now weighing about 3 pounds (1,400 grams) and measuring about 10.8 inches (27 cm) from crown to rump, your baby continues to gain weight and layers of fat. This fat makes the baby look less wrinkly and will help provide warmth after birth.

In preparation for respiration after birth, your baby will mimic breathing movements by repeatedly moving the diaphragm. Your baby can even get the hiccups, which you may feel as rhythmic twitches in your uterus.”


One Response to “30 Weeks?!”

  1. Leanna July 13, 2009 at 1:30 pm #

    >Yay for 3+ pound Jude!I will be praying for you guys: that you will find a great place and that the move will go well. We are currently doing the same thing minus the moving – figuring out what we can cut out, etc. It's hard!I can't wait to see your maternity pics. Judging by how wonderful you looked on Saturday, I am sure they will be simply stunning!

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