>And his name shall be:

4 Jun

>Well, as many of you know we were planning on having our baby’s name be a surprise. If you know me well enough then you know I am terrible at keeping secrets. So for all those who wish to know, Michael & I’s son shall be:

Jude Dylan Reese

Jude: Hebrew, meaning praise or thanks.

Dylan: Welsh, meaning son of the sea.

Reese: Puerto Rican/Jew, meaning awesome.

We love it and don’t care if you do. We were debating boy names while driving in the car and heard The Beatles song, “Hey Jude” we just looked at each other and that was it.

We will defiantly be finishing the nursery by the end of this month.

Also a friend has offered to do maternity portraits for us and look forward to that at the end of June.

My shower is next weekend (June 13th) I can’t wait to see everyone!!!


One Response to “>And his name shall be:”

  1. Leanna June 8, 2009 at 8:29 am #

    >As you know, I love, love, love Jude's name! I can't wait to meet him. 😀 I hope you have tons of fun at your shower!

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