>It’s an adorable baby boy!

6 May

>So, exciting news came to us yesterday! We are having a beautiful baby boy come September. We had our big ultrasound yesterday and it was very eventful. First, they make you drink 32oz of water before you go in, and you cannot go pee until after they are done. I guess this helps push the baby forward so the U/S tech can get a better view. So the first part of the ultrasound the tech was measuring all of his limbs, kidneys, everything to make sure everything was growing properly, and it was she said he is perfectly growing and everything looked great.

Then she turned the screen so Michael & I could see. It was so amazing, much cooler than the first time because this time we could see everything from his little eyes, hands & fingers! It was really special and hard not to cry- except I had to pee so bad I don’t think I could have gotten any tears out. Then the tech said, “and there’s the little penis” all casually, so we knew it was a boy. Very excited, I know I initially said I was hoping for a girl the first few months, but in the last few weeks I really started to think about how awesome a little boy would be.

We are going to decorate his nursery is Sailor Jerry style nautical theme, which we both are really excited about, as we both love the ocean. Now I get to work on our registry which is super exciting. My Mom, Joanna & Madge are planning on hosting my shower sometime in June. I am very excited and feel loved, flattered and fuzzy that people are excited for us.

I feel so happy, now that I’ve peed, I really could cry.


One Response to “>It’s an adorable baby boy!”

  1. Joanna May 6, 2009 at 3:05 pm #

    >This is so sweet and special!!! Did the ultrasound tech know that you giys wanted to know the sex? Could you imagine if people didn’t want to know and then the tech just casually was like, oh its a boy, similar to how she told you guys?!?!?! That would be awful!! Ok, sorry for the random thought, I love you and love that I got a shout out in this post!!hahalove jo

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