>3 Months Down, 6 To Go.

9 Mar

So, a lot of changes have been happening and I’m glad to say all of them have turned out to be good ones. First of all, I no longer am barfing everything I put in my mouth, and I am able to stay up past 8pm. I no longer work at a job with a crazy sadistic boss, and Michael got a promotion. Stoked.

Also, at our last appointment I had my first (don’t hate) pap smear, it felt like someone putting sewing shears in your vadge and then opening them, very disturbing. Now I remember why I avoid this for 22 years (almost 23, what-what!). My blood work results were all good and so my doctor was happy about that. Then we were supposed to hear the heart beat, well the person who scheduled me, scheduled me at 10 weeks instead of 12 so my doctor was all worried I would have a panic attack if we didn’t hear it (apparently this is common) but we tried anyway and all we could hear was my indigestion. So then, the doctor (note to self: find out the doctors name, idiot) who is a lady by the way I would NOT let some guy put sewing shears up my vadge to have a field day, said that we should just do an ultrasound then. I was totally surprised and doing a victory dance in my mind because Medical only pays for ONE ultra sound per pregnancy, and that’s why they make you wait until you are like 20 weeks.

So Michael came in (as not wanting to be present for the torture of the vadge) and I’m expecting the doctor to take out one of those thingys to rub on my tummy to see the baby. But no, because I’m not that far along I got to find out what a dildo-cam was. She held it up, I looked her in the eye and was like, haven’t I suffered enough! She’s probably thinking, just wait till an 8 pound screaming heap of responsibility comes surfing out your birth canal. So anyways, there was lil Boo Berry in all “it’s” glory, moving around and everything. She even said my due date was pretty much right on track, which is awesome because I know a lot of people are usually off a week.

So if you’re, like, wondering: was it so magical!? It was, it was beautiful, it was really really amazing. It was way beautiful, I mean despite the 8 inch dildo-cam twirling about inside what felt like my ovaries.

The only other update I can think of at this point is that I was in fact denied Medi-Cal but that was because we made to much money when I was working, so now were reapplying without myself working, so we shall see. I trust everything will work out. Fear is nothing more than a lack of faith after all.

Well to anyone who actually reads this, hugs and kissesssss.


4 Responses to “>3 Months Down, 6 To Go.”

  1. Leanna March 9, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    >You are freaking funny.I have had ONE pap and I will die sooner than repeat the experience. It is truly terrible.That is so awesome that you got a surprise peek at the bebe! Glad that s/he’s doing well and not making you puke. Not puking is pretty great.Hope you get your Medi-Cal.

  2. vidamiaphoto March 12, 2009 at 6:49 am #

    >SO– The tech colleges do free ultrasounds. They need to practice on someone… so if you want to get more u-sounds, that’s the way to do it! $Free.99They have the 3D ones too, I think. See you Saturday!

  3. Tiffancy March 17, 2009 at 12:06 pm #

    >Oh my gosh, that’s such a great idea thank you Lauren!!!

  4. Leanna March 17, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    >We COULD have our babies on the same day. That would be something to blog about. 😛

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