10 Feb

>Well, things seem to be getting a little easier, however I have been throwing up more the past week. Surprisingly, I always feel better after I throw up. However, I do consider this a waste in money spent on food! 🙂

I have my first real Doctors appointment on Thursday and I’m very excited. I am still waiting to be officially approved by Medi-Cal 😦 but my 45 days are almost up so I should know soon.

I’m excited about having a baby, but right now I’m mostly stressed out about it and feeling scared and clueless about it. I know it’s going to be such hard work and I just don’t feel ready AT ALL. Not emotionally or financially. I am just trying to put my worries aside and hope for the best…

I know things will get easier, and I will start to feel better about it, just going to take some time.

That’s all for now.


One Response to “>Updates”

  1. Leanna February 13, 2009 at 2:45 pm #

    >How was your appointment, lady?Having a baby is ultra scary and ultra awesome. I’ve found that you go from “hooray” to “OMG” to “wtf” and back again.I read that your prenatals make you too sick. Lots of women take chewable Flinstone’s vitamins until their barfing gets better. Try that, maybe?

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