>Goodbye Aunt Flow, Hello Glow!!!!!

22 Jan

>So, amazing news on the Reese front! So all last week I was having some major weird heart burn (never had it before in my life). I promise this story gets more interesting. So it was really annoying me and I was like, hmmm maybe I should look up causes of heart burn. Well, one of them is pregnancy. I was thinking…..hmmmm. Neh, that can’t be it. Well, I guess it could be it. So after it continued and my period continued not to start, I began to think hmmmm, neh, hmmm, maybe?….

So anyways Michael and I went to Wally World and picked up a 3 pack of ept’s. Right away when we got home I took the first test…within 3 seconds 2 lines (knocked up), second test 2 lines (freaking knocked up!)…..

I went to the doctor the next day, “Well, you’re defiantly KNOCKED UP!” (This may or may not have been her exact wording). ….

So, what I’m trying to say is: Michael & I are please to report we are having a baby!!!!….

You may be wondering:….

· I’m 6 weeks….
· We are going to try to find out the gender before (sometimes they are wrong, sometimes they cant tell)….
· We are decorating our 2nd bedroom as our nursery (although decorating gender neutral)….
· I feel like barfing….
· I am tired….

Thank you for reading, I hope you’re excited! We are!!!!!….


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